Multivalue Development

Whether it is a GUI environment, a web based application, or anything else you can think of, your multivalue database can handle it, and we can show you how.

Web Development

We design and build professional, responsive websites that look great and function perfectly in any browser, with any operating system, on every device.

eCommerce Solutions

We develop sharp, user-friendly digital storefronts that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and business logic.

Mobile Applications

Our library of proprietary apps for iOS and Android can help your business simplify warehouse management, fleet & logistics, mobile device management, and more.

Custom Programming

RDM Infinity has a talented staff of engineers, designers, and dreamers to turn your software fantasies into reality. There is no project too big or idea too wild for our geeks to tame!

Cloud Migration

Let us help you move your digital business operations into a virtual world that will improve the scalability, cost, performance, and flexibility of your company.

Brandon Robinson is the true brains behind the magic of RDM and is so excited about the possibilities technology has to offer. He could convert anyone to a geek just by talking to you! RDM Infinity has been his dream since the early years of high school and loves what we have built so far, despite the minimal hours of sleep.

Brandon fills his spare time enjoying the open roads, camping, traveling the globe, brewing craft beer, and working on any home or car project that his wife or buddies can come up with. Brandon loves RDM and is eager to talk to you soon!

Brandon Robinson


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John Bramley


Elvis recently graduated from UNR with a B.S. degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. He has an interest in full stack web development and is currently doing MultiValue development.

In his freetime, he enjoys playing video games and reading web novels. He also enjoys going out to eat with friends and cooking as well when he has the opportunity.

Elvis Vong


Steve just sort of wandered into the office one day and we let him stay, because confrontation is awkward.

Steve Cooper


Liz Robinson does her best to keep the geeks in line at RDM, and to make it a fun place to work and hang out. She keeps our books in order, paychecks out on time, and manages a lot of the website development that comes through our office.

When Liz is not writing or crafting awesome code, she enjoys being outside in her garden, cooking, traveling, pampering her two dogs, and spending time with her 3 amazing kids. Liz loves to talk about the awesome tools that RDM has to offer, and she looks forward to hearing from you soon!

Elizabeth Robinson


Graduated from UNR, Ben learned to mix art and programming from Digital Media and Software Development classes. His passion is to bring interactive and interesting solutions to the ever-changing World Wide Web.

When Ben is not writing extraordinary code, he likes to spend his free time playing video games, watching anime, editing videos and programming video games.

Braulio “Ben” Fernandez


Zack Larsen is responsible for the business side of RDM. He handles everything from HR and billing to snack runs for the geeks. Zack has a decade of business experience in a variety of areas including accounting, customer service, and asset management. He has an MBA and BS in Management from Missouri State University.

In his off time Zack enjoys watching soccer, sampling craft beer and spirits, and enjoying adventures with his wife and kid(s). He also enjoys baking when time allows.

Zack Larsen


This could be you


Dan Driscoll


Jennifer “Jenn” Goff is all about that hustle. Before coming to RDM as a Multivalue Engineer, she has experienced many jobs ranging from customer service to technical support.

Not only is she technically capable, but in her free time she works out her creative muscles by practicing the piano, flute, and has recently started learning the guitar. After managing to juggle work and playing three different instruments, she relaxes with her husband Nathan and cat Chester by watching horror movies and playing video games.

Jennifer Goff


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Tim Rude