For many, the MultiValue system their company runs has been in place for longer than they have been alive. With that comes the notion that it is outdated and should be replaced.

A common concern we run into is the age, longevity, and support companies receive from programmers as we see many of them start to retire. Although these are valid concerns, they are unnecessary.

While these systems age with the company, they are not growing old. They are constantly evolving from day to day as they receive new data. It does the heavy lifting in the background by talking directly with your user Interface while using your specific business logic.

With user interfaces built on new and exciting programming languages, it only takes fractions of a second for data to be retrieved from your MultiValue system. By modernizing your Multivalue systems it cuts the cost of user licenses, keeping the overall overhead costs down.

Multivalue will continue to be supported for many years to come. Some of the largest companies in the world run on MultiValue.

In 2020, colleges and universities experienced an influx of developers under the age of 30 as MultiValue companies invested in college courses. Young developers with fresh eyes and fresh ideas will be the future of MultiValue keeping these systems alive and well for the foreseeable future.

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